Servicing World Wide - Free Shipping
On All Paintings - Flat 50% Off
Servicing World Wide - Free Shipping
On All Paintings - Flat 50% Off

Shipping Policy

Delivery method:

– Standard Processing & Shipping (14-21 days) – FREE

1. When will I receive my order?

Standard delivery time is 14-21 days.

In peak periods such as big holidays etc delivery time may be extended up to 28 days.
In that case, we will notify you and grant you an additional discount.

Countries we do not ship to:

Colombia, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Maldives, Mexico, Norway,  Israel, South Africa, Afghanistan, India, Iceland.

* All delivery times exclude clearance/customs delays.

Please be aware that there may be a delay of 5-7 days due to the processing times of local post services and customs clearance at your nearest airports. If you have any questions regarding the delivery, please, feel free to contact our support team to get information: [email protected]

2. How does shipping work?

After the order is confirmed, your package is in the queue. Usually, it takes 3-4 business days to dispatch your order. You receive a confirmation email with all the needed information.

Your package is on it’s way to you! It takes on average 14 days (*excluding clearance/customs delays) for the package to be delivered at its destination. You can monitor the status of your package by utilizing a tracking number.

3. Why is My Tracking Info Not Updating?

Nothing to worry about, this is perfectly normal. During the international transit of your order, there may be a delay in tracking updates due to the movement between countries. This is because the packages are being transported on shipping containers across vast oceans.

Once the package arrives in your country, it will be swiftly delivered to your doorstep. Easily track its progress by entering the tracking ID provided in your shipping confirmation email on the official website of your local post office. Your package(s) will be delivered through a local carrier after going through customs. Delivery times may vary due to factors such as seasonality, backlog, and the efficiency of your local carrier.

If you have any other questions or problems, don’t hesitate to contact us by mailing to: [email protected]