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Diamond Painting and Paint by Numbers: Which Craft is Right for You?

Diamond Painting vs paint by numbers

There are two trends that are very popular choices. Diamond painting and paint by numbers. We already know that they both have very satisfying experiences. It allows people to create beautiful pieces of art. With the help of this blog, we will together explore both paint by number and diamond painting. After that, you can decide for yourself which craft is best for you.

What is diamond painting?

what is diamond painting

Diamond painting is a combination of cross stitch and paint by numbers. Instead of paint, diamond painting uses diamond drills. You place them on a numbered canvas to create a painting. There are specialized tips for diamond painting you must see before starting. Let’s go in depth.

What’s in it?

Materials   Description
Canvas   A pre printed canvas with a sticky layer. It is a guided canvas for each color.
Diamonds   Small diamond drills of different color to place on canvas
Applicator Tool  A pen like tool to pick diamond drills and place on canvas
Wax Pad It is used to help pick up the diamond drills.
Tray  A small tray to hold and sort diamonds

Quick Steps to do it

  • Clean the space. Organize your diamond drills and put them in a tray. Arrange all your diamond painting tools properly.
  • Peel back a small section of the plastic fill to start working. 
  • Dip the tip of the applicator tool into the wax and pick up diamond drills from the tray.
  • Press the diamond drill into the space on the canvas. You may use LED lighboard to assist you. Continue the process until you finish.
  • Seal the diamond painting to secure your artwork.

What is paint by numbers?

what is paint by numbers

In paint by numbers art, a picture is divided into shapes on canvas. It is marked with a number. It corresponds to a specific paint color. You fill each shape with the right color. This is how you finish a painting.

What’s in it?

Materials   Description   
Canvas Canvas with numbered sections.
Acrylic Paints Paints in various colors. It is according to numbers on canvas.
PaintbrushesDifferent sizes of brushes according to sections
Reference SheetA guide for complex designs
Palette    A surface to mix paints

Quick steps to do it

  • Set up your workspace. Choose the right space and lay out your things.
  • Match the areas marked with numbers to the corresponding paint color.
  • Begin painting the areas with relevant brushes.
  • Apply multiple layers of paint or blend colors for a nice finish to your design.
  • Dry the painting before displaying or framing it.

Diamond painting and paint by numbers – Comparison!

Diamond Painting and paint by numbers

We will understand both the crafts of diamond painting and paint by numbers on various aspects through these tables.

1. Time and Patience

Aspect   Diamond Painting    Paint by Numbers      
Time Investment               It can take several hours to days. It depends on the size. It also depends on the complexity   of the design.Similar amount of time required. Large and detailed paintings will require more time.
PatienceIt needs a lot of patience. Especially with small diamond drills.  Patience is required for detailed and multiple layers of paint.

2. Skill Level

AspectDiamond Painting      Paint by Numbers 
Materials Needed It is beginner friendly. Placing diamond drills according to a coded guide.It requires more precision in brush strokes and color mixing.
Advanced TechniquesIt has limited advanced techniques. It involves following a guide and placing diamond drills.It offers space for advanced technique. There is layering for a polished look.

3. Materials and Cleanup

Aspect Diamond Painting Paint by Numbers
Materials Required    canvas , diamond drills, applicator, wax and tray Canvas, acrylic paints, paint brushes, palette 
Cleanup  Minimal. It involves organizing diamond drills and storing tools.                                                       It can be very extensive. It involves washing and cleaning the tools and spills.

4. Benefits

Aspect Diamond Painting Paint by Numbers
Benefits                                                                 There are many benefits, like stress relief, easy to learn and a sense of accomplishment.   Diamond painting is like meditation. There is something like 3d diamond painting, which opens a whole new dimension.                   There is space for skill development, relaxation, diversity of design, being very creative and custom paint by numbers. Paint by numbers for beginners makes it an art for newbies.

So, what’s the right craft?

 Deciding between diamond painting and paint by numbers mainly depends on your personal preference, interests and goals. There are many questions to ask before going for one of them.

→ Do you enjoy detailed and repetitive tasks? If yes, you will enjoy the precision and diamond painting.

→ Do you want to develop or improve your painting skills? Paint by Numbers will help you learn about       color theory, brush techniques, and blending.

→ Do you prefer a craft with minimal cleanup? Diamond painting typically involves less cleanup compared to paint by numbers.

→ Are you looking for a customizable craft? There are custom diamond painting and Custom Paint by Numbers kits available to provide personal expression.

→ Do you enjoy shiny art? If the visual appeal of diamond drills catches your eye, diamond painting can be more satisfying for you.

Summing Up!

Both diamond painting and paint by number are great picks to provide relaxation and beautiful end products. It can be a diamond drill or a brushstroke of paint. The right way to decide is to try one by one both the diamond painting and paint by number. You can enjoy alternating between both. There are great things that you can produce with these two. You can try personalized diamond painting and custom paint by numbers for more fun.


So, are you excited about diamond painting kits now? Why don’t you check out the Art of Diamond painting?