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Gotta catch’em all – Top 5 Pokemon Diamond Painting Picks!

Pokemon Diamond Painting

Pokemon diamond painting for pokemon lovers…..

Pokemon, gotta catch ’em all

A heart so true

Our courage will pull us through

You teach me, and I’ll teach you

Pokemon, gotta catch ’em all, gotta catch ’em all

Are you a Pokemon enthusiast? Does Pokemon hold a special place in your heart? Are these iconic lyrics a nostalgic melody that resonates deeply with you?  Then this blog is for you! 

Step into the world of pokemon with diamond paintings and celebrate the spirit of pokemon through them. It does not matter whether you are a seasoned trainer or a budding artist, these top pokemon diamond painting picks lets you capture the essence of these beloved characters. Unleash your inner Pokemon Trainer, let creativity flow like a river, and allow these Pokemon Diamond Painting to become a canvas of joy, nostalgia, and the magic that only Pokemon can bring….

Pokemon Diamond Painting: Top 5 Picks!

1. Pokémon Eevee And Pikachu Painting:

Pokemon Diamond Painting

In this pokemon diamond painting kit, the two beloved Pokemon – Pikachu, the most iconic pokemon known for its yellow fur, pointy ears, and signature lightning bolt shaped tail is the symbol of Pokemon fandom whereas Eevee  with its unique ability to evolve in various forms, fluffy fur, large expressive eyes and friendly demeanor captures the hearts of fans young and old. These characters take center stage in this diamond painting and create an enchanting canvas that is a tribute to their dynamic friendship.

2. Jiggly Puff Pokemon Diamond Painting:

diamond pokemon painting

Jiggly puff, an endearing and enchanting Pokemon celebrated for its musical talents and adorable appearance.  Renowned for its ability to sing captivating lullabies and its signature move, “Sing,” that can induce sleep in both Pokemon and humans. Its distinctive appearance, playful nature, and memorable role in the animated series have made it a beloved character among fans of all ages. This pokemon diamond painting reflects the playful and cheerful personality of Jigglypuff.

3. Bulbasaur painting with diamonds:

Bulbasaur painting

The Bulbasaur painting with diamonds is a canvas showcasing the beloved character Bulbasaur that carries a plant bulb on its back, has expressive eyes and friendly demeanor. This paint pokemon masterpiece presents Bulbasaur in the iconic pose in vivid colors, meticulous details, and the shimmering brilliance of carefully placed diamonds. To enhance the botanical theme, the canvas may feature a background adorned with flowers, vines, or lush greenery, creating a harmonious and immersive environment for Bulbasaur.

4. Squirtle painting with diamonds:

Squirtle painting with diamonds

Squirtle, one of the starter water type pokemon known for its playful demeanor and distinctive appearance. It is easily recognizable by its turtle-like features, including a rounded shell on its back, light blue skin, large expressive eyes, charming smile and a curled tail. This painting pokemon is not only a radiant expression of your love for pokemon and the boundless joy of artistic expression but the painting pokemon kit is also available in different sizes and premium diamond quality which makes the process of creating Squirtle masterpiece a piece of cake.

5. Charizard painting:

Charizard painting with diamonds

This pokemon painting is a dazzling masterpiece that brings the majestic Charizard to life through a symphony of colors, meticulous details, and the radiant brilliance of carefully placed diamonds. In this pokemon diamond painting Charizard is portrayed in a dynamic and majestic pose with its wings spread wide showcasing the grandeur of Charizard’s fiery wingspan, creating a visually stunning and imposing image. This artwork captures the sculpted scales and fiery tail of Charizard with precision.

Pokemon Painting Ideas

  • Evolutionary Journey Canvas: Create a multi-panel canvas that illustrates the evolutionary journey of a Pokemon. Begin with the basic form, such as Bulbasaur, and progress through its intermediate and final evolutions, ending with a vibrant depiction of the fully evolved Pokemon.
  • Legendary Encounter Night Sky: Under the enchanting cloak of a moonlit night, the towering figure of Rayquaza or Mewtwo emerges to reveal its majestic presence. The celestial expanse above is adorned with a splendor of twinkling stars that seem to pay homage to these awe-inspiring legendary creatures. A radiant crescent moon casts an ethereal glow, adding an element of mystique and power to this mesmerizing spectacle.
  • Type-themed Elemental Collage: Devote an entire canvas to a specific Pokemon type, such as Water or Fire. Create a captivating collage featuring various Pokemon associated with that type, and incorporate elemental symbols and backgrounds that beautifully represent their natural habitats.
  • Elemental Fusion Battle Scene: The pokemon paintings come alive with a dynamic battle scene, portraying the intense clash of two or more Pokémon with contrasting elemental types. Flames dance and lick at the air, water jets surge and crash against each other, while electric sparks crackle and illuminate the fierce showdown.


As we wrap up this captivating artistic journey delving into the enchanting realm of Pokemon through the Top 5 Diamond Painting Picks from Art of Diamond Painting, we beckon you to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing spell woven with every meticulous stroke of your diamond pen. Your boundless creativity has infused vitality into Pikachu’s electrifying sparks, Eevee’s alluring versatility, Charizard’s majestic inferno, and each cherished Pokemon in this breathtaking collection.

As the final diamonds find their place, immerse yourself in the realization that this journey transcends mere collection—it’s a quest to encapsulate the very essence, spirit, and enchantment that render Pokemon enduring. Thus, as you step back to behold your completed masterpieces, revel in the knowledge that you’ve unleashed your creativity in a manner uniquely befitting of a true Pokemon Trainer.