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How to deal with popping diamonds on diamond painting?

popping diamonds

We all know diamond painting is a popular and therapeutic craft. It combines the principles of paint by numbers and cross-stitching. We can create stunning, magnificent art with the help of diamond painting.

However, one common frustration many diamond artists come across is the issue of popping diamonds. These are the tiny, shiny diamond art drills that refuse to stay put. It disrupts the overall appearance of your diamond painting masterpiece.

Fear not, for this guide will take you into practical ways to tackle popping diamonds. First of all we need to understand what popping diamonds mean. This will help you keep your diamond art experience delightful and fulfilling.

Popping a diamond? How does it happen?

popping diamonds

It is essential to understand what causes popping diamonds before looking at the solutions. Popping diamonds usually happens when the diamond drills do not adhere properly to the canvas. Here are the reasons:

  • Inconsistent Drill Size: There are some kits that have drills that are not uniformly sized. It can cause them to fit unevenly on the canvas.
  • Inadequate Adhesive: If the adhesive on the canvas is not sticky enough, diamond painting drills may not stick properly.
  • Overcrowding: If you place drills too closely together, it can lead to them pushing each other out of place.
  • Quality of the Kit: The overall quality of the diamond painting kit, including the canvas and drills, plays a significant role.

We need to understand that these factors will help us better address and prevent popping diamonds in our diamond painting.

Bring the right kit home first!

popping diamonds

The first step in avoiding diamond painting popping drills is selecting a high-quality diamond painting kit. Here are some tips for that:

Read Reviews: You will have to first check reviews and ratings from other users. Also, check out the feedback specifically about the quality of the drills and adhesive.

Compare Brands: Some brands are famous for their high-quality products. You should research and compare different brands before buying the kit.

Inspect the Canvas and Drills: If it is possible, you may physically inspect the kit before buying. Just check if the canvas is smooth and the drills are uniform in size.

Consider the Type of Drills: Square drills tend to fit more tightly together, which will reduce the risk of popping. They can be more challenging to place. Round drills are easier to work with but might not cover the canvas as completely.

Go all pro with workspace!

diamond popping drills

It is very important to create an optimal workspace. I will significantly reduce the occurrence of popping diamonds. Let’s see how we’re going to set up:

1. Clean Surface: You have to make sure that your workspace is clean and free from dust. This prevents contaminants from mixing with the adhesive.

2. Good Lighting: Proper lighting helps you place the drills accurately. You can think of using a good-quality light source, like an LED lamp.

3. Comfortable Environment: Think of keeping comfortable chairs and enough space to move around. You can focus better with this.

Perfect your placement!

Applying the diamond drills in the perfect way makes a big difference. So now we will see how we will work on this:

  • Use the best tools: You should use the applicator tool provided in your kit. You can invest in a high-quality diamond painting drill pen. Pen should have a good grip to apply consistent pressure.
  • Apply Even Pressure: You have to press the drills firmly but uniformly and gently onto the canvas. Too much pressure can damage the adhesive. Little pressure might not secure the drill properly.
  • Work in Sections: You should divide your canvas into sections. Just peel back a portion of the protective film at a time on which you want to work.
  • Check Alignment: You should regularly check that the drills are aligned correctly. Misaligned drills can cause others to pop out.

Secure the piece for eternity

diamond art roller tool

It is important to secure your work to prevent popping diamonds. Here are some methods to ensure your diamond art stays intact:

Use a Roller: A diamond art roller tool helps press the drills firmly into the adhesive. You just have to gently roll over the entire canvas until each drill is securely in place.

Seal Your Canvas: Sealant can provide an extra layer of protection. You can choose a non-yellowing and clear sealant. Just apply it evenly over the canvas. Then allow it to dry completely.

Frame Your Work: Framing your diamond painting improves its beauty. It protects against dust and physical damage. Go for a strong frame.

What to do with popping diamonds?

what to do when diamond painting drills pop up

Even with the best preparation, you may face some issues. So it is time we troubleshoot them:

1. Loose Drills: If you notice some drills are loose, use a small amount of glue to secure them. Just apply a tiny drop on the canvas and press the drill into place.

2. Overlapping Drills: You can use a pair of tweezers to carefully reposition overlapping drills. Just make sure that they fit without pushing each other out.

3. Uneven Canvas: If your canvas is wrinkled, You can just place it under a heavy book to flatten it out before applying the diamond drills.

Masterpiece requires maintenance!

Every artwork needs maintenance to maintain its greatness. Just follow these maintenance tips:

  • Regular Dusting: Use a soft, dry cloth to gently dust your artwork. You should avoid using water or cleaning solutions.
  • No Direct Sunlight: Exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time can fade the colors. You should place your painting accordingly.
  • Handle with Care: When you are moving or handling your diamond painting, do so gently to avoid dislodging any drills.


Yes, definitely, popping drills diamond painting is a common challenge. Just follow these tips and techniques. This will help you minimize this issue and enhance your overall experience. Remember, choosing the right kit, preparing your workspace, and applying the diamond drills correctly are all crucial steps that will prevent diamond painting drills popping up.

You can even learn these things from others. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced crafter, there’s always a new skill to master in diamond painting. You just have to enjoy the process and embrace the benefits

So, are you excited about diamond painting now? Why don’t you check out the Art of Diamond painting!