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All About Extra Large Diamond Painting Kits!

extra large diamond painting kits

Are you a diamond art enthusiast who loves spending hours creating mesmerizing and sparkly masterpieces? Then extra large diamond painting kits are the right art kit for you….

As these craft kits are packed with Extra fun and Extra joy, you can uncover the Extraordinary among these Extra large diamond painting kits. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s begin this artful journey and explore their unique appeal and challenges with tips.

Diamond Painting Size Chart

Diamond Painting Size Chart

Diamond Painting Sizes

Small Diamond PaintingsMedium Diamond Paintings         Large Diamond Paintings                Extra Large Diamond Paintings
Dimensions  25X30cm/30X25cm30X40cm/40X30cm40X50cm/50X40cm


Ideal forBeginners, quick projects and gifts       Hobbyists                                                          Diamond art enthusiasts                              Artists and enthusiasts looking for a long term project

What Makes a Diamond Painting Kit “Extra Large”?

extra large diamond painting kits

1. Dimensions:

The extra large diamond painting kit usually starts at 50X80cm or 80X50cm and can exceed these measurements depending on the detail and design. You can select the dimension of your diamond painting kit as per your preference, but if you have just started working on large diamond painting kits, it would be better to begin with the mentioned dimension before trying huge diamond painting kits.

2. Intricate Detail:

These extra large diamond painting kits are packed with greater resolution, finer nuances, complex designs and an enhanced level of depth. With more surface area, these kits come in various colored drills that result in stunning artwork that cannot be compared with a small diamond painting kit and are perfect for anyone who enjoys long time art projects.

3. Higher Gem Count:

These art kits with bigger canvas have a higher gem count in comparison to small canvas kits. With a higher number of diamond drills, the number of hues in diamonds also increases, which not only enhances the visual impact but also provides an extended level of crafting experience.

4. Display Impact:

These large diamond painting kits for adults can elevate the appearance of your living space effortlessly. As these expansive artworks fill a wall, they become the focal point of any room, impressing viewers with their size, intricate details and mesmerizing shades. These artworks are often considered showpieces due to their scale and beauty.

5. Complexity and Skill Development:

Extra large diamond painting kits often feature more complex patterns and a wider array of colors, which can be more challenging but also more rewarding. They provide an opportunity to hone your skills and take your diamond painting expertise to the next level while making it a meditative and relaxing experience.

Benefits of Extra Large Diamond Painting Kits

Benefits of Extra Large Diamond Painting Kits

⇒ Enhanced Detail and Clarity: The diamond painting large print comes with an increased number of diamonds and enhanced details that result in a finished diamond art piece that is sharper and more lifelike.

⇒ Greater Sense of Accomplishment: Completing large diamond painting kits for adults can be immensely satisfying. The time, effort, and dedication required to finish a big canvas make the final reveal more rewarding. 

⇒ Therapeutic and Relaxing: These craft kits provide mindfulness and stress relief, making them perfect for people who are looking for calming experiences. 

⇒ Variety of Designs: Large diamond painting kits come in detailed designs that offer a variety of themes and styles to match your preferences. Such kits can feature complex and detailed designs in landscapes, portraits, abstract art etc.

⇒ Social Engagement: The diamond painting large kits can be a great way for art lovers to connect with other enthusiasts. You can participate in events or organize parties where you can work on an extra large diamond painting kit together with other artists.

Challenges & Tips!

Challenges of big diamond painting kits

Challenge: 1

Big diamond painting kits are time consuming.


  • Create a schedule for completing your art project.
  • Break your diamond painting canvas into small sections and celebrate the completion of each section.

Challenge: 2

Finding adequate space to lay out and work on the large canvas.


  • Dedicate a specific area for your project where it can remain undisturbed.
  • Use a large, flat surface, like a dining table or a craft desk.

Challenge: 3

Managing the large number of diamond drills.


  • Get a diamond drill storage organizer to keep the gems organized.
  • Label each container with the corresponding color code.

Challenge: 4

There is a higher chance of making mistakes in diamond placement.


  • Double check the color codes and placement before sticking the diamonds down.
  • If you make a mistake, use tweezers to carefully remove misplaced diamonds.

Challenge: 5

Long sessions can lead to physical damage or strain.


  • Take regular breaks to stretch and move around.
  • Work in sections, keeping the protective film on areas you’re not working on.

Where to Buy Extra Large Diamond Painting Kits?

Where to Buy Extra Large Diamond Painting Kits

Art of Diamond Painting offers a wide selection of extra large diamond painting kits in various themes and designs. They are known for their vibrant colors, clear instructions, and high quality materials. They also offer custom diamond painting kits, with which you can convert your own images into gem artwork at affordable prices.

Check out their products:

Diamond Art Collections

Diamond Painting With Your own Photo

Diamond Painting With Your Pets Photo

Diamond Painting With Your Dear People Photo

Summing Up!

Creating an extra large diamond painting is an artistic journey that requires both patience and precision while resulting in a great sense of accomplishment. As these kits captivate both mind and spirit, it becomes the perfect way to transform tiny, individual diamonds into a grand, cohesive work of art. 

So, if you are ready to take your diamond painting passion to the next level, embrace the challenge of an extra large diamond painting kit and discover the magic of turning countless tiny gems into a stunning, sparkling masterpiece that is uniquely yours!