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How to use diamond painting pen?

how to use diamond painting pen

“A cozy corner bathed in soft light, a canvas brimming with possibility, and in your hand, a diamond painting pen, ready to breathe life into your dreams. “

Welcome to the world of diamond art painting where every stroke of pen brings not just color, but sparkle and shine. At the heart of this magical craft lies the diamond painting pen – a humble tool that holds the power to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Join us on a sparkling adventure where we will unravel the mystery about an important diamond painting accessory that makes our journey a symphony of creativity and joy!

What is a diamond painting pen?

Diamond painting pen, a tool specifically crafted to make the process of painting with diamond easier. It is an essential tool for applying tiny diamond drills or resin on the adhesive canvas that creates a sparkling mosaic like artwork. 

How are diamond painting pens designed?

Barrel: Diamond painting pen has a small and cylindrical barrel that provides a comfortable grip for easily holding the diamond painting tool.

Tip: The tip of this resin applicator is made in a way that it makes the process of picking up diamond beads easy. Some pens come with interchangeable tips that can be attached to the diamond painting pen.

Types of diamond painting pens

What is a Diamond Painting Pen

  • Basic plastic pens: Such diamond painting pens are simple pens that usually feature a cylindrical barrel and a single sized tip for standard diamond sizes. These tools are affordable and beginner friendly as it doesn’t involve any complicated step while working on the diamond painting art.
  • Ergonomic diamond painting pen: The diamond painting art requires time and patience to reap the final results. The ergonomic diamond painting pen is created to make your painting journey comfortable with a cushioned or contoured grip.
  • Wheel stick diamond painting roller pen: This tool features a rolling wheel with a tacky surface that picks up diamond drills and transfers them on the adhesive canvas. This pen can accommodate various sizes and shapes of diamond resins.
  • Interchangeable tip pens: The interchangeable tip pens come with multiple tips of different sizes that can be changed to make the process of applying drills easier. This tool not only makes this art convenient for the diamond painting enthusiasts but also gives the ability to adapt according to the project.
  • Customized or decorative pens: These diamond painting applicators are tools that come with a decorated barrel with different elements such as rhinestones, stickers or personalized grip to match the preferences of the painters.
  • Refillable diamond painting pen: A refillable pen is a diamond painting tool that makes the painting process less complicated as you can put a stick of wax inside the barrel of the pen. This step eliminates the need to apply wax before picking up the drills.

How to use diamond painting pen – Stages!

1. Prepare your pen:

Prepare your diamond painting pen

The diamond painting pens are available in different types, you need to prepare your painting pen according to it. If the tip is interchangeable then attach the tip as per the requirement and apply wax. In case you have a refillable diamond painting pen, put a wax stick in the barrel before beginning your artistic journey with a diamond paint pen.

2. Pick up diamond drills:

Pick up diamond drills

Use diamond painting trays appropriately by pouring a small amount of diamonds and filling it only halfway to avoid spills. Then gently shake the tray to spread the diamonds on the tray. Hold your wax laden diamond painting drill pen and touch the tip of the pen to the diamond drills. Apply a little pressure to pick up the diamonds to commence your diamond painting journey.

3. Place diamonds on canvas:

Place diamonds on canvas

After picking up the diamonds, position the pen tip over the corresponding symbol or color on the canvas. Press the diamonds on the canvas firmly while ensuring that it sits flush against the surface without any gaps or overlaps. This step will give your diamond art painting a smooth and professional looking finish. 

4. Repeat the process:

Continue the process of picking up diamonds and placing them on the adhesive canvas by color or section according to the design. This art can be a repetitive activity that may strain your hand or wrist with time. So take regular breaks to rest and stretch your hand muscles. Also ensure that you maintain a comfortable posture while making your own diamond painting.

Summing Up!

Remember crafters your diamond painting is a journey where the diamonds are not just mere beads placed on canvas, it reflects your passion and the memory to be cherished. And in this artistic  journey a diamond painting pen plays a role of more than a  diamond applicator, it is like a magical wand that transforms  your precious moments into shimmering art. 

Discover the captivating world of diamond painting with the exquisite collection from Art of Diamond Painting.  Follow the whispers of your heart, set free your boundless imagination, and let each delicate diamond you place carry a profound symbolism – embodying endless love, boundless joy, and infinite creativity that enriches every aspect of life, whether it’s for personal fulfillment or to share with cherished ones!


How do I clean my diamond painting pen?

Use a damp cloth or paper towel to clean your diamond painting pen. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals or excessive force as this can damage the pen.

Can I customize my diamond painting pen?

Yes, you can customize the diamond painting pen with decorative elements such as rhinestones, stickers or grips. While personalizing the tool, remember that the functionality is not marred.

Are diamond painting pens reusable?

Diamond painting pens can be reused for multiple projects as long as they are in good condition and well maintained.

Can I use other tools instead of a diamond painting pen?

Some crafters use tweezers or wax pencils in place of diamond painting pens but such alternatives may not offer the same level of efficiency.